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    LCD Monitor|VIEWSONIC|TD2430|24"|Touch|Touchscreen|Panel MVA|1920x1080|16:9|25 ms|Speakers|TD2430

    299,84 €
    TD2430 - 24" Display, MVA Panel, 1920 x 1080 Resolution
    Laid flat or angled for customized comfort, this display delivers touchscreen versatility to the max. Offering fantastic flexibility for retail, education, or business settings, the ViewSonic® TD2430 is a 24” (23.6” viewable) Full HD display with 10-point multi-touch functionality. Delivering adjustable positioning, wide-angle viewing, and a durable design, the TD2430 has everything to accommodate your unique needs. Adding even more convenience, cross-compatibility with a wide range of operating systems includes Windows 10, and certain Android and Linux versions. With a sleek edge-to-edge screen and frameless bezel, this intuitive touchscreen performs like your favorite tablet or smartphone to deliver a highly accurate, ultra-responsive touch experience ideal for interactivity in public environments, kiosk and wayfinding applications, classroom settings, and more. 
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    LCD Monitor|VIEWSONIC|TD2760|27"|Business/Touch|Touchscreen|Panel MVA|1920x1080|16:9|60Hz|6 ms|Speakers|Height adjustable|Tilt|T

    489,14 €
    TD2760 - 27" Display, MVA Panel, 1920 x 1080 Resolution
    The ViewSonic® TD2760 is an ideal solution for both commercial and consumer touch-screen applications. With an intuitive 10-point multi-touch display and a Full 1080p HD resolution, the 27-inch TD2760 delivers a versatile solution for use in the office or at home, as well as for use as an information kiosk in public areas, retail, and corporate sectors. With SuperClear® MVA panel technology with ultra-wide viewing angles and 50M:1 MEGA Dynamic Contrast Ratio bring greater definition and clarity to multimedia content. For added convenience, cross-platform compatibility works with operating systems such as Windows 10, Linux, Chrome, and Android.* Built-in connectivity options include DisplayPort, HDMI, and VGA ports along with a VESA compatible mount design, offering additional convenience for use as a wall-mount display. With serial port RS232 and HDMI CEC, the TD2760 can directly control connected devices. Even more, the ergonomic stand makes it easy for the user to tilt, raise, and lay the monitor flat for the most natural position, and create a comfortable working environment. Lastly, low power consumption with ENERGY STAR certification saves energy costs while reducing carbon emissions.
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    LCD Monitor|VIEWSONIC|VA2718-sh|27"|Business|Panel IPS|1920x1080|16:9|75 Hz|5 ms|Tilt|Colour Black|VA2718-SH

    165,17 €
    The ViewSonic VA2718-sh is a 27” Full HD IPS monitor with HDMI and VGA input for business or home usage. With SuperClear® IPS technology and Full HD resolution, images are clear and detailed from a wide range of viewing angles. This monitor provides six ViewMode presets that deliver optimized screen performance in different applications. Even if used for gaming, users can move without screen tearing. Eye-Care technology and energy-saving Eco mode help to eliminate eyestrain from extended viewing periods. With VESA-compatible mount support, this monitor is easy to setup in any environment.
    •  HDMI and VGA Input
    •  75Hz Refresh rate delivers fluid visuals
    •  SuperClear® IPS Technology for rich colors at wide angles
    •  Eye-Care technology for comfortable viewing
    •  Eco-mode for low energy consumption
    •  Superior ViewMode color rendering options
    •  Adaptive sync to eliminate screen tearing & reduce stuttering
    •  VESA wall mountable
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    LCD Monitor|VIEWSONIC|VG2455|23.8"|Business|Panel IPS|1920x1080|16:9|5 ms|Speakers|Swivel|Pivot|Height adjustable|Tilt|Colour Bl

    214,71 €
    VG2455 - 24" Display, IPS Panel, 1920 x 1080 Resolution
    Designed for the modern day office, the ViewSonic® VG2455 monitor delivers an efficient end-to-end enterprise experience. USB 3.1 Type-C connectivity provides charging power, video, and audio over a single connector for convenience and reduced cable clutter. SuperClear® IPS panel technology delivers wide-angle viewing and incredibly vivid colors, while 3-sided thin bezel design provides a seamless viewing experience for multi-monitor setups. For enhanced productivity, an advanced ergonomic design offers a wide range of customizable adjustments for maximum comfort including pivot, swivel, height adjustment, and tilt. With the ability to tilt an impressive 40-degrees, this 24” monitor is ideal for users who prefer to work while standing up, as well as for those who like to use their screen for group discussions. Along with USB 3.1 Type-C, additional connectivity options include HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, and USB 3.0. This monitor is also shipped in eco-friendly biodegradable packaging, along with an easy-to-install quick release stand that makes for simple out-of-the box setup. The quick release stand also includes an integrated client mount and cable management features.
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    LCD Monitor|VIEWSONIC|VG2719-2K|27"|Business|Panel IPS|2560x1440|16:9|5 ms|Speakers|Swivel|Height adjustable|Tilt|Colour Black|V

    293,49 €
    The ViewSonic® VG2719-2K is a 27” WQHD full ergonomic monitor with rich and accurate colour performance for graphic design, for office work and for home entertainment. Featuring a WQHD resolution panel (2560 x 1440) and SuperClear® IPS technology, content is displayed in refined detail from virtually any viewing angle. WQHD resolution displays more content on the screen than FHD resolution, reduces scrolling and boosts productivity. The 10-bit colour depth, which produces 1.07 billion colours, and the 99% sRGB colour coverage ensures vivid colour reproduction for web content editing, graphic design or photo editing. VG2719-2K’s ergonomic design offers a wide range of tilt, swivel, pivot, and height adjustments, while narrow bezel gives the monitor a clean aesthetic and is convenient for setting up multiple monitors side-by-side to improve workflow management. In addition, with optional ViewSplit software, users can divide, organize, and customize the screen layout for better workflow efficiency.
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    LCD Monitor|VIEWSONIC|VP3481|34"|Business/Curved|Panel VA|3440x1440|21:9|100Hz|5 ms|Speakers|Swivel|Height adjustable|Tilt|VP348

    796,60 €
    With an amazing 21:9, 1800R curved screen and stunning WQHD resolution, the ViewSonic VP3481 delivers the most immersive panoramic viewing experience to date. Engineered to produce incredible detail, unmatched colour accuracy, and vivid colours across wide viewing angles, this display also comes with HDR10 support to deliver a wide dynamic range of colour with rich contrast. The extra screen real estate provided by the VP3481’s 3-side frameless screen and ultra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio, along with a pre-calibrated panel and integrated speakers make this monitor a dream for video editing and other types of colour-critical content creation. The VP3481’s sleek, modern design is future-proof with USB 3.1 Type-C, DisplayPort, and HDMI ports. It also comes equipped with an arsenal of colour-critical features, including an amazing Delta E<2 value for precision colour accuracy, integrated colour uniformity for consistent chromaticity across the screen, and a 14-bit 3D look-up table that generates a silky-smooth palette of 4.39 trillion colours. Hardware calibration is available with the optional ViewSonic Colorbration Kit, which allows you to quickly and easily calibrate your monitor for photography, graphic design, and other professional applications. Enjoy tear-free images and smooth video playback with built-in FreeSync technology. Extremely fast response times and fluid visuals give the user an unprecedented viewing experience for all their home entertainment needs.
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    LCD Monitor|VIEWSONIC|VX2476-SMH|23.8"|Business|Panel IPS|1920x1080|16:9|75 Hz|4 ms|Speakers|Tilt|VX2476-SMH

    172,79 €
    Whether for office use or for enjoying entertainment at home, the ViewSonic® VX2476-SMH is designed to take your viewing experience to another level. With a SuperClear® IPS panel and a sleek frameless design, this monitor provides a near-seamless viewing experience ideal for multi-monitor setups. The Full HD resolution boosts efficiency and image detail needed for work or play. A mega dynamic contrast ratio of 80M:1 delivers enhanced image depth for a better user experience. The Built-in HDMI and VGA inputs deliver flexible connectivity options for a wide range of devices.
    • SuperClear IPS panel for vivid picture quality and wider viewing angles
    • Frameless bezel and stylish stand
    • 75Hz Refresh Rate delivers fluid visuals
    • Flexible connectivity with VGA and two HDMI ports
    • User-customized and pre-calibrated ViewMode for every scenario
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    LCD Monitor|VIEWSONIC|VX2776-4K-MHD|27"|4K|Panel IPS|3840x2160|16:9|60Hz|4 ms|Speakers|Tilt|VX2776-4K-MHD

    407,83 €
    Whether for office use or enjoying entertainment at home, the ViewSonic® VX2776-4K-mhd is designed to take your viewing experience to another level. With a SuperClear® IPS panel and a sleek frameless design, this monitor provides a near-seamless viewing experience that's ideal for multi-monitor setups. Stunning 4K Ultra HD resolution generates 4-times more pixels than Full HD monitors, which boosts efficiency and image detail to enhance both work and play. A mega dynamic contrast ratio of 80M:1 delivers more image depth for a better user experience, while HDR10 content support results in vivid colours and brightness that exceed that of standard monitors. Built-in HDMI and DisplayPort inputs offer flexible connectivity options for a wide range of devices.
    • HDR10 content support
    • SuperClear® IPS technology
    • Frameless bezel and metallic triangle stand
    • 10-bit colour
    • Dual HDMI and DisplayPort inputs
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    LCD Monitor|VIEWSONIC|VX2776-SMH|27"|Panel IPS|1920x1080|16:9|75 Hz|Speakers|Tilt|Colour Black|VX2776-SMH

    170,25 €
    27" IPS Monitor with Frameless Bezel
    • SuperClear® IPS panel for vivid picture quality and wider viewing angles
    • Frameless bezel and stylish stand
    • 75Hz Refresh Rate delivers fluid visuals
    • Flexible connectivity with VGA and two HDMI ports
    • User-customized and pre-calibrated ViewMode for every scenario
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    LCD Monitor|VIEWSONIC|VX2785-2K-MHDU|27"|Panel IPS|2560x1440|16:9|Matte|14 ms|Speakers|Swivel|Tilt|VX2785-2K-MHDU

    348,12 €
    VX2785-2K-mhdu - 27" Display, IPS Panel, 2560 x 1440 Resolution
    Designed for the modern-day home office, the ViewSonic VX2785-2K-mhdu is a 27” Quad HD IPS monitor that combines style with optimal versatility and functionality. Whether for gaming, streaming, or editing, these sleek and slim displays are engineered with the everyday user in mind. Equipped with AMD FreeSync technology, this monitor’s variable refresh rate capabilities virtually eliminate screen tearing and stuttering for a smoother viewing experience. With a three-sided borderless design, thin profile, and thoughtful cable management features, this display transforms the desktop into a streamlined and clutter-free workspace. What’s more, a unique ergonomic stand allows you to easily tilt and swivel the screen for maximum comfort. The latest USB 3.2 Type-C connectivity delivers charging power, video, and audio over a single cable, while HDMI and DisplayPort inputs keep you connected to your favorite devices.
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    LCD Monitor|VIEWSONIC|VX3276-2K-mhd|31.5"|Gaming|Panel IPS|2560x1440|16:9|0.273 ms|Speakers|Tilt|Colour Silver|VX3276-2K-MHD

    256,64 €
    The ViewSonic VX3276-2K-mhd is the perfect blend of style and performance with features that include a sizeable 32” panel, a minimalist design, and WQHD (2560 x 1440) resolution. The sleek design of an ultra-slim profile, metallic silver triangle stand, and a sleek edge-to-edge frameless bezel give the monitor a premium feel that fits nicely both at home and in the office. VX3276-2K-mhd features SuperClear® IPS technology and rich 10-bit colour to produce an extensive array of vibrant colours with wide viewing angles. Stereo sound is provided by the monitor’s dual integrated speakers, while DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, and 2 HDMI ports offer flexible connectivity options for both general usage and gaming.                     
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    LCD Monitor|VIEWSONIC|XG240R|24"|Gaming|Panel TN|1920x1080|16:9|5 ms|Speakers|Swivel|Pivot|Height adjustable|Tilt|Colour Black|X

    223,61 €
    The ViewSonic® ELITE XG240R is a 24” Full HD monitor packed with all the speed and features esports and gaming enthusiasts need. Equipped with ViewSonic exclusive RGB lighting technology, ELITE RGB, the XG240R beautifully illuminates gaming setups and synchronizes to other RGB peripherals without any additional software. Featuring an incredible 144Hz refresh rate, as well as AMD FreeSync™ technology, this monitor’s variable refresh rate capabilities virtually eliminate screen tearing and stuttering for fluid gameplay during fast-paced action scenes. A blazing-fast 1ms response time and low input lag provides smooth screen performance even in the most graphic-intense sequences. For a game-winning competitive edge, a Game Mode feature optimizes visuals for FPS, RTS and MOBA. On top of that, a customizable 22-level black stabilization function helps you target enemies lurking in the dark, while the monitor maintains brilliantly rich colors and contrast.
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    LCD Monitor|VIEWSONIC|XG270QC|27"|Gaming/Curved|Panel MVA|2560x1440|16:9|165Hz|Matte|1 ms|Speakers|Swivel|Height adjustable|Tilt

    548,86 €
    XG270QC - 27" Display, MVA Panel, 2560 x 1440 Resolution
    The ViewSonic ELITE XG270QC is a 27"" WQHD curved gaming monitor capable of achieving a 1ms (MPRT) response time. With its 165Hz refresh rate and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro technology, this enthusiast monitor ensures smooth and uninterrupted gameplay for even the fastest scenarios. The XG270QC monitor is also equipped with PureXP™ technology to drastically reduce motion blur for clear visuals through finely tuned backlight strobing. With a peak luminance of 550 cd/m2 and 90% DCI-P3 coverage, the XG270QC is certified for VESA DisplayHDR 400 to deliver an ideal entry point into HDR gaming. Beyond panel performance, the stand of this monitor includes ELITE Design Enhancements (EDE), a series of features that improve organization and elevate a gamer’s setup. These enhancements include a built-in mouse bungee, headphone hook, ELITE RGB ambient lighting, and a sturdy metal base